December 25, 2010

+ Trip to Little 5 and Christmas!~ +

Me and my twin sister Simone took our first trip to the city by ourselves! We called a cab in the morning twice, but the service never sent one. The second time we called, the lady could hardly speak English (I live in a mostly Hispanic area). We got my Nana do take us to the MARTA train station. We got there in the piss cold and the train acted like it didn't want to start. We finally got to the MARTA bus stop and were confused as to where to go since the last time we took the bus we were about 6. We got on the bus and some weird Hispanic guy was flirting with us. Me and my sister looked at our phones as if we were texting and then I called my friend Elizabeth when the guy got off and told her about the incident. We got there and looked in Psycho Sisters before getting lunch at Savage Pizza. I got a quick snap in the parlor's bathroom of my outfit.

(The parlor has a comic book theme).

We went to Junkman's Daughter to look for gifts for our stepdad and little things for ourselves (bought with Christmas money). I saw some potential Fairy Kei things, but didn't have enough money :P. I also saw some 90s jackets in Psycho Sisters that could be labeled as 'fairy kei', but decided to maybe go back for them. We got our stepdad a book on The Who and I purchased some cheap bunny ears and a 12.00$ big bag, I'm not sure what to call it. But it was cute, and will hold big things in the event I need to take them somewhere. My mom picked us up and we got home.

  Now I guess I will show my Christmas presents, I don't want to feel like I'm bragging, more that I'm being thankful for what I got.

Littlest Pet Shop with Blythe

I told my mom I wanted a Blythe for Christmas, and even though this is not a 'true' Blythe, I still really like it (especially since it came with a stand)

Monster High dolls (Deuce Gorgon & Cleo de Nile)
I wanted Frankie and Dracalaura, but was happy I go these!~
The bonus is that there are two!~

DVDs (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Benny & Joon, Inception *BWAM*, Kick Ass)

Chelsea Handler books (one from my mom, one from my sister)

Pencil Case and Cupcake "Magbag" (I guess it's to hold magazines? It's big enough to)

Gloves and tights from my mom, shirt from my little sister

Lady Gaga & La Roux CDs

Just Dance 2 Wii Game

Regal Gift Card from my twin

Sock Puppet kit from my mom

     If you're reading this, I hope you had a good holiday, and have a great new year!~


December 19, 2010

Post Update

If anyone is ever reading this blog, I don't know if I will post anything at all in the last few weeks of this year. I just came down with a cold and don't feel like doing much (why a cold during Christmas????!!!). I might blog about what presents I got or the day itself, but besides that I'm not sure. So if you ever have read this or are reading, I thank you and apologize for maybe not posting again this year D:!~