November 17, 2010

- + Forum Shopping + -

Last weekend I visited The Forum for a small shopping spree. I hadn't been there in about a year and the last time I was there it was just for a haircut. I wasn't too sure what stores were still there so it was fun to talk around again, but I wasn't feeling very well and it was cold so that bothered me a little. I went to Barnes and Noble which I haven't been to in a while.

I ended up buying Honey & Clover Vol. 1 (I've been wanted to buy this series collected for awhile since reading it in Shoujo Beat) and Otomen Vol. 1 (I read most of it @ a Borders and decided I liked it enough to buy it).

and a journal to write my dreams in

My mom noticed some store called "Charming Charlie" that her boss had mentioned to her and said something about it being costume jewelry. I decided to check it out to see if any of the jewelry appealed to me. The cool thing about the store is that everything is seperated by color (except in the children's & tween's section). I ended up liking alot of stuff in that section and got a set of cute earrings.

They also had this really cool unicorn bag but I didn't feel like spending $10 for it (even though I do need a bigger bag)

and this cute makeup bag

In one of the blue and purple sections they had really cute headbands

It was a really cool store and pretty cheap!~ If there's on near you I suggest going, because it's not just designated to one certain style. You can look for locations on their website ~
I ended up kinda just walking around and decided I would check out Bath & Body Works. I don't really like going there because usaully the clerks go on about what deal they're having that week (and I know that's their job, I just prefer when clerks don't talk to me) and the smells all mixed together give me a really bad headache. I didn't end up buying anything since I was trying to save money for lunch. I don't know if Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works are within the same company because I found out they sell "Pink" there and in the forum the Bath & Body Works is right next door to the Victoria's Secret. Anyway, they had these cute little "Pink" rubber ducks -

and OMG I always want to buy the lipgloss (but tend to buy it when it's on sale, I mean, $7.50 for one tube of lipgloss?)

I ended up going to Claires (which I shouldn't have, I always have to buy something there :P). They had these really cute "knit" hats for Winter -

and these adorable earmuffs~~~ -

I saw these earring that were on sale that I wanted to get since they reminded me of a certain kind of Spank! earrings -

But I decided if I saw them at another Claires on sale, I would get them. They also had this really cool gummy bear necklace (and a swedish fish gummy bracelet, but I didn't take a picture of it \=3=/) but it was $12 bucks, which I didn't have, so I couldn't get it :P

The lighting in Claires is really good. I wish I had lights like that for when I take picture at my house :P. All the Halloween stuff was on sale for a dollar, so I ended up buying to things "from" it.

These cute bat earrings &

This sequined cat mask (I'm not sure where I would wear it, but).       
Then, with my left over money, I went to get some coffee at Caribou Coffee. This really attractive tall guy was working there (haha, why am I telling you this). I then came home and rested. Now I want to go to North Point Mall.