December 30, 2011

PhotobucketGot my laptop back!!Photobucket

I finally got my laptop back ! But until I find my SD card reader, I'm not sure when I can do my next post! I hope to find it soon and be able to do a post on what I got for Christmas! So for now, here's a webcam photo of my wearing a cardigan I got!

December 18, 2011

Sorry :(!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts! My laptop is having a minor difficulty and I cannot (again) find the device that transfers my photos to the computer! I hope to have it fixed by the beginning of the new year! Please bare with me!!

~ Sasha

October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween everyone! I just handed out candy while me and my twin sis watched The Lost Boys. I dressed up as a sorta of anthro Hello Kitty, but I don't have my camera cord right now so I can't upload the full body shot, but here is a face one.

    Hope everyone had a good Halloween!


October 02, 2011

AWA 2011

  Hey there! I made a small trip to AWA this year. My best friend was taking the SAT and a sorta friend didn't wanna pay the $30 to get in (it's understandable) so I went to it alone! I mostly just felt like doing something, so I got registered and headed to the Artist Alley. I got a few prints.

I can't remember who did the first one (I'll have to fetch her business card), but she was cool and let me have a free bookmark of Mars (like the one on the print).

The second one is by PigeonStar on dA. They're Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show as humans! I bought it for my twin as a gift since for the past several years she's given me money at cons to buy things :P.

The last two are by celesse on dA

   I walked around a little more and got some jewelry things. I can't remember the girl's name, but she was so sweet. She told me I looked cute and when I was awkward and mumbling she said in the sweetest way 'What?'. I'm use to people being a bit short when I'm quiet I think XD. Anyway, I got this cute icecream ring from her.

  AWA gave out swag bags this year that came with a shirt. I've seen Nico Nico Video's English site before, but I guess this was a way to promote it better.

  I like that it has all the cute little icons

     I got to Jesse and Mana's table. I was surprised Jesse recognized me and for some reason I found it weird he called me by my first name (I have no idea why, I have no nickname). I got a cute pin from him!!

  Oh! I haven't show what I was wearing yet.

     I had my bodyline petti on and pink We Love Colors tights and my black reeboks. I got the necklaces at a flea market and I think I've listed everything else on here at least once. I had both the pigtails on, but it made my wig lopsided, so I put one on. 

     They had the most delicious crepe stand there!!! I got a 'lunch' one that has cheese, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, vinaigrette, and onions. So yummy :D!

     I really wish there were a crepe place near me. I also got some stickers in the artist alley. Agh, I'm so disorganized at this right now.

They're Tsumugi from K-On! and Menma from Aoi Hana
I didn't realize until today that they look similar
     I went to the dealer's room where I didn't even buy any official anime merch. I went to MoogleGurl's booth and got her last Spock & Kirk print (I was super lucky :)) and a cute cloud ring.

     She has such a cute voice and is a sweetie! I was almost out of money so I headed outside, where it was friggin' FREEZING, and waited for my mom to come pick me up (things I need to do:get a permit). I saw Laffi and Jesse again and Laffi said hi. It was one of those cliche moments where I assumed someone was behind me, but the Laffi tells me she's talking to me. Jesse was so sweet and told me he really liked my outfit and took a picture. I took their pic too.

     We had a nice little chat and then I went home. Now for pics of cosplayers!!!

     Hope everyone is doing well!


September 23, 2011

Shopping Update, Deco, and Fernbank

Finally, a legitimate blog post! It may be a little scrambled but that's from me not blogging for SO SO SO long.

I'll share what I bought first, since I wanna save the 'fun' stuff for last!

I found a freaking Popple at a flea market! It's one of the 2001 designs and it's so freaking cute! It was a really lucky find!

At the flea market I got a few more things, these cute doll pens being one of them.

I got this 80s-early 90s-ish Barbie doll so I can make one of those doll head brooches.

I got this cute panda mug, but I need to wash it :P

I finally got a peachy/creamsicle nail polish. It was a little pricey (to me) for nail polish, but it drives super fast and stays on pretty well.
It's Revlon Top Speed in Peachy
I bought it at Walgreens

The rest of the things I have to show were bought at the Dollar Tree. I found some new baby shower things they had.

I finally found a different color of these instead of just blue and pink.

And some big safety pins

I got these cute Belle and My Melody PEZ dispensers

I found these cool link things in the party favor section. The funny thing is, I saw them selling almost the same thing in the girl's toy section, but as a necklace/bracelet thing.

These cute hairclips

These cute, kiddy necklaces :P

  I deco-ed my small vanity mirror I got, but ran out half the way through, so I need to order so more supplies :I.

  Me and my sister, along with my mom, went to the Mythic Creatures exhibit at Fernbank Museum. We had wanted to go to it all summer but finally got around to doing it the last day it was there. These are the decent photos I got (since a lot of them are blurry).

  I got a couple of cute unicorn things from the gift shop!!

 A cool necklace and adorable puzzle eraser!!

  I tried to wear a fairy kei-ish outfit and only got a bottom shop of what it looked like.

  I put some 3D paint on a pair of jeans my mom had cut into shorts. I still need to finish decorating the waistband.

  I hope to start blogging more, but school and hobbies are keeping me busy. AWA is coming up and I don't think I'll have time to make a costume. So, I'll probably just dress in fairy kei. Hope everyone is doing okay!!