January 07, 2011

Happy New Year + Shopping Update

Happy New Years everybody! Thought I would write a quick rundown of how mine went. My bestfriend Elizabeth came over and we headed over to H-Mart. Whenever she comes over to my house, we either head over to the international farmer's market, or H-Mart. Mostly for Japanese candy and sweets, because we're huge weeaboos like that.
I brought some Christmas money, since they have about 3 little shops in the front. They use to have a really really cute one, but it shut down (I assume due to the economy). There's a little shop that sells mostly hair clips and Korean beauty products and Sanrio products. They were selling these really cute icecream fan things. I also got 2 hair ties and 2 really cute phone charms.

We played around with a Atari plug-in T.V. thing she brought over, and I'm not sure how these 80s kids used the joysticks. And the games were hard. I went to bed and woke up to the smell of cooking food (a slightly rare thing in my house, or atleast with 'homemade' food). It was the 'good luck' food of New Years, black-eyed-peas and collared greens.

Sadly, Elizabeth had to go home before we got to the mall, since I slept in too late (my own fault, obviously). So I planned to go to the mall by myself. I got there at around 5:45 and didn't realize it was closing at 6 o' clock due to it being New Years. I would have thought it would have normal hours, since New Years is one of those big sales days (but Black Friday still being the biggest). I had to rush through the anime shop, since that was one of the main reasons I came to that mall. I got a good amount of things, due to having money from Christmas. So, I guess this is a 'Shopping Update', too?

 These are actually bunny ears I got from Junkman's Daughter in Little 5~

I usaully don't shovel out $20 for character hats, but I decided I would since I had it and I really love Gloomy Bear

My Melody purse thing (that can go around your neck)

Cute puffy Rilakkuma 'Cafe' stickers

Cute bear pen, I had a pink one similar to it from the same shop, but it ran out of ink ;_;

Monster Hello Kitty necklace, Rock Star Hello Kitty ring

Really cute hairclips/bows

Sorry this is late, if anyone does read my blog :P!~ I don't really like having New Year's resolutions because I can't even remember if I have ever gone through with any of them. But I guess I will have a minimum of five this year, even though that seems likes alot to me.

~New Year's Resolutions~

Drink more water!

Start making more accessories for myself, and get more 'serious' about Fairy Kei fashion

Take better care of myself (doing medical things on time, washing face more)

Get ATLEAST Bs and Cs

Lose 20 pounds

I hope everyone reading had a great New Year's and will have an awesome year :D!~

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