January 31, 2011

Snow & Shopping Update!~

Hello!~~~ About a couple of weeks ago, Georgia got a heavy sheet of snow on it!~ The pictures of I have are okay, but since I'm not into Lolita fashion, you get no coordinates or anything :P.

I recently ordered a few things offline with Christmas money, mostly from Etsy.

Awesome bow I got from Etsy user mandycottoncandy
It's see through and has candy hearts colored with glitter on them!!~

Cute card and stickers she sent with the package, visit her shop, it's so cute!~

Tights from We Love Colors , I got them in Lavender and Light Pink

The Bodyline petticoat I had to wait a while for!~~~ There was bad ice on the roads, so DHL couldn't deliver it on the original date. But I love it sooo much. The only things are the cost of shipping ($20 ;_;, the petticoat was $12), and the fabric is a little cheap. But it only being 12$, I understand.

Really awesome pom pom  headband from popular fairy-kei items seller, pechepastel

Super super cute sweatshirt from Etsy seller zorra666

I also went to Goodwill with the money I had left and got some super cute things!~~

Striped lavender/white sweater, baby blue/lavender/white sweater, and pink sweatshirt I am going to 'customize'

Things I plan to use to customize the sweatshirt (cheesy pillow cover, child's shirt with ballet shoes and word 'dance' on it, baby bedding)

Cool shoes :P

Adorable Dots ring and pastel shell bracelet

Cute toys (yes, I still buy toys, especially at secondhand/vintage stores)

Cute box I intend to use to hold earrings, bunny figurine, and Polyswirl cup XD (It's from an empty Welch's jar, I use to have a Miss Piggy one as a kid)

Now, here are some coordinates, both with my new Bodyline petticoat :3!~~

Headband - Etsy
Sweatshirt - offbrand
Petticoat - Bodyline
Tights - We Love Colors
Shoes - Reebok

I got a little purikura happy with the first picture

Bow - handmade
Sweatshirt - offbrand
Brooch - handmade
Petticoat - Bodyline
Tights - We Love Colors
Shoes - Reebok
Necklace - bought @ con -AWA-

I need some bloomers, because when I wore the petticoat with the pink tights, you could clearly see my underwear 0///_///0. Luckily my sister pointed it out, and I just pulled down the sweatshirt alot. I'm waiting for some things from Cute Can Kill (I finally found some things I liked that weren't sold out, and had enough money!!!). I hope everyone is doing lovely, and I plan to talk about my school's college visit to SCAD in the next post!~~~


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