March 31, 2011

Crafts, crafts everywhere!~

Hello!~ I told myself I would do a craft post, even though I don't have many crafts to show :P!~

First off, I mentioned a sweatshirt I bought in this post. 


It's the pink one! I talked about how I was going to customize it since it was a little too plain for my taste. So, here it is!~

I added some fabric 'cut-outs' from these sheets. I had some cabochon-esque things from previous visits to Hobby Lobby (where you can buy the bunnies and bears you see on some Spank! products, they're in the dollhouse section). I added some baby themed items and the'DANCE' part of the shirt seen in the photo with the sheets. They're also some conversation heart buttons (which you can buy at Michaels!).

I had wondered for the longest time what was used for the 'base' on these type of brooches. I was walking around Hobby Lobby (mostly for yarn) and realized it was crochet board! They mostly have clear kind, but have a good variety in colors (they do too at Michaels & Jo Ann Fabrics). Here are a few brooches I have made so far!~

I plan to sell them except for the "Baby" one on my Etsy (which is just a profile right now).  I like to work with felt alot, mostly trying to make decent plushies XD. I recently made some bows with shapes as the center.

As you can tell, I don't have much of a thread color selection.

(picture of my buttons and things, I really should try to be more organized)

After reading this tutorial I really wanted to make moko moko (fluffy) 2-way clips! Though, I didn't know the way you make them 2-way was to also put a pin thingy-ma-bobber on the back (I really don't know why I get confused about these kinds of things, it's a pretty simple thing D:/) so right now they only have alligator clips on them.

As you might be able to tell by the weird smaller one that looks more like a bunched up piece of yarn, I was trying to make a double star clip :P. I made another mint star and creme heart, and now I need to make some in creamsicle orange, baby pink, lavender, and baby blue. I didn't take any picture of the clips with the rhinestones and pearls I put on them.

Here are some pictures of buttons I wanted to share!~ You can buy all of these at Jo-Ann Fabrics!

And I finally found these!~

I was wondering if I would have to find them off Etsy, but found them at Jo Anns! If you want to find alot of craft supplies for fairy-kei items, I suggest going to the baby shower/party section of your local store and/or craft store! I find alot cool items there!

I went to LensCrafters a couple of weekends ago, and decided to go to the Dollar Tree near it while my mom got her glasses fitted. I went over to the baby shower/party section to see if there was anything I could use for crafts. Oh my goodness, I saw this stuff-

-and was so overjoyed! It wasn't just pink and blue things (like you usually see in baby shower sections) but yellow, mint, lavedner, and white things!~ I made a bracelet and a couple of pairs of earrings from these (no picture of the earrings though).

I also got these, and plan to try to make rings out of them (I'm really mad they don't sell ring bases @ most art stores).

I bought a plastic egg to keep the things in (but now just keep the bear picks and other craft things, since I bought a plastic organizer recently).

I bought these things at Hobby Lobby.

I made some phone charms out of the Dollar Tree things too! I plan to sell them on my Etsy as well.

Here are some things I forgot to post in my shopping update.

And to ends this post, I did rainbow eyeshadow a couple of weeks ago!~

Hope everyone is doing well! Not sure what my next post will be about (/.3.\)


March 27, 2011

Wishlist 2011

I guess I'll update this when I find other things. Or maybe I should call it a March wishlist? Blegh, for now, it's 2011.

Shirts, Tops, Jackets, etc.

(both from dElias)

(from J-List)

(shirt and jacket above from Listen Flavor)

(from maniaQ)

(in Royal Blue)

(in Lavender)

(in both)

(in Black)

(in YellowXPink)

(in Yellow/Pink)

(in Pink)

(in pink)

(in both)

(in Lightning Bolt -Purple-Green-Pink Polka Dots)

(above from PMA)

(from Spank!)

(in both)

(in Mint & Lavender)

(in Yellow-Pink, Mint-Pink)

(in both)

(in Mint & Pink)

(from miklim)

Pants, skirts, etc.

(in Lavender)

(in Pink-Purple, Yellow-Purple)

(from miklim)

(in both)

(in Lavender)

(in Lavender)

(in Purple)

(from PMA)

(from maniaQ)


(in Pink-Yellow-Blue-Purple)

(in Pink-Yellow-Blue & Pink-White-Blue)

(from chocomint)

(in Yellow-Black, Yellow-Blue, Red-Blue, Red-Pink)

Can you tell I like things that reference The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

(from maniaQ)

(in Pink, Blue, Black)

(from PMA)

(from Spank!)


(from J-Box)

(from PMA)


(from J-Box)


(from J-Box)

Will update when I have new wants and the time!