March 18, 2011

Broken Foot Bone + Shopping Update

Hello! This is actually the first time I have done a blog post only a couple of days after a recent one.

I broke a bone in my footD:. I was going down the steps to my carport (and it was pretty dimly lit) and missed the last 2 or 3 steps. I wailed for my mom (I'm 17, but I'm still allowed to do that, right?) and was surprised when I did not shed any tears. I went to the doctors tonight and just expected them to say I had bad swelling but nothing was broken. Turns out I did actually break something. I can't remember the name of the bone (it's the one that connects your toe bones to your ankle) I broke the pinky one. They gave me a splint (or is it stint??? -_-') and told me to not put any weight on it (it's my right foot, BTW). I had a picture, but it doesn't wanna show up in my e-mail. I took a picture because this is my first broken bone. I always thought I would get a broken bone if I was doing something sports related, but this occured because I really wanted to show my twin the 'Call Me Manana' dance, and not paying attention to stairs. But alot of people hurt themselves simply because of stairs. Gravity, why do you exist when I walk down stairs. I am a pretty clumsy person. Anyway, I probably have to go to an orthopedist to get a proper something-or-other. Yay.

Anyway, shopping update. Not all of these things were bought at the same time, just the camera problem. Yes.

Cute things from the Junkman's Daughter shop in downtown Atlanta (if you ever visit Atlanta, you should really visit this place. You will love it.) Old Happy Meal toy, Belle phone-charm/swinging figure, and crying elephant plush figure thing.

 Jewelry from Cute Can Kill. I'm really happy I was able to get some jewelry from them, and hopefully, when I get some more money I can get a few more things. The color of the planet ring I originally wanted was sold out, but I was fine with mint green. Recently though, the sticking out parts of the planet ring and the star fell off and I cannot find them ;_;. I'll have to fix this myself, because they no longer sell the planet rings. But I dropped the ring, so.... (WHY AM I SO CLUMSY? I PUT IT ON A ROCKING RECLINER, YOU PUT IT ON A TABLE SASHA, YOU PUT IT ON A STURDY TABLE).

Conversation hearts necklace & bracelet set I bought at Kroger :P. I didn't get to wear it on Valentine's Day (since I was sick), but did eventually wear it to school.

Betsey Johnson earrings my mom got me for Valentine's Day!!! I usually only get chocolate, but I think she got them because I wanted something (more like anything) Betsey Johnson for Christmas. I never get why some of her jewelry is (certain pieces) super exspensive, but the other day I noticed the bunnies have 'ruby' eyes (detaillllssss) <3!~

Minnie Mouse baby bedding to use for when I need a backdrop for shopping update items or crafts, etc.

Track suit (I only bought it for the windbreaker)

Basic yellow-and-white striped shirt (I need alot of 'staples' in my wardrobe)

Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. It's actaully starting to get warm in Atlanta, but hopefully I can use this if I go to the beach or something.

Another windbreaker (ah, so 90s!!!!)

Really awesome blouse (I have almost no polka-dotted or lavender things in my wardrobe)

Lavender skirt (looks similar to another skirt I own, but doesn't have a weird bejeweled chain thing like the other)

Cheesy horror novel. Yes, I know my shopping updates are usually clothes and accessories, but this is to make me look smart (SMART).

This and the other two clothing items (also accessories) below it was bought at Plato's Closet, a gently used clothing store chain. They have really cute clothes (but carry more 'recent' fashion, so don't go in there lookin' for 80s pastel sweaters) for good prices and are across the U.S., to find locations click here.

The above two products are not very 'fairy-kei' like. Much like Mio (the writer of the blog Pastel Raindrops), who says she also likes to dress in a 'mature' style (she is also into fairy-kei), I share the same, urm, 'like'? I like darker colors and somtimes wearing things in a more 'indie' or 'hipster' category (maybe not hipster, actually, scratch that, let's not say hipster). So sometimes the things shown in shopping updates on this blog won't really fall under a 'fairy-kei' label.

Also, speaking of Mio's blog, I read this post about a European store called Monki. Oh my goodness. This place does not have an online store or location in the U.S., but based on some of the things I see she's bought from there (these images have watermarks, I hope it's O.K. to use them 0_0),

Shoes on the right are from the store (I believe)

-I really wish they did have an online store or location in the U.S. (atleast in New York or even all the way in California).

Okay. So, most likely (I know I keep saying this) my next post will be about me and my classmate's trip to SCAD in Savannah, GA. I really need to blog about it (or I keep nagging myself) because it happened in late January. It's almost April :P.

Hope everyone is doing okay! Also, everyone pray for the families and people in Japan. It's so sad to see people's homes and communities washed away in an instant and I think we all need to appreciate what we have when things like this occur <3!!!


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