March 31, 2011

Crafts, crafts everywhere!~

Hello!~ I told myself I would do a craft post, even though I don't have many crafts to show :P!~

First off, I mentioned a sweatshirt I bought in this post. 


It's the pink one! I talked about how I was going to customize it since it was a little too plain for my taste. So, here it is!~

I added some fabric 'cut-outs' from these sheets. I had some cabochon-esque things from previous visits to Hobby Lobby (where you can buy the bunnies and bears you see on some Spank! products, they're in the dollhouse section). I added some baby themed items and the'DANCE' part of the shirt seen in the photo with the sheets. They're also some conversation heart buttons (which you can buy at Michaels!).

I had wondered for the longest time what was used for the 'base' on these type of brooches. I was walking around Hobby Lobby (mostly for yarn) and realized it was crochet board! They mostly have clear kind, but have a good variety in colors (they do too at Michaels & Jo Ann Fabrics). Here are a few brooches I have made so far!~

I plan to sell them except for the "Baby" one on my Etsy (which is just a profile right now).  I like to work with felt alot, mostly trying to make decent plushies XD. I recently made some bows with shapes as the center.

As you can tell, I don't have much of a thread color selection.

(picture of my buttons and things, I really should try to be more organized)

After reading this tutorial I really wanted to make moko moko (fluffy) 2-way clips! Though, I didn't know the way you make them 2-way was to also put a pin thingy-ma-bobber on the back (I really don't know why I get confused about these kinds of things, it's a pretty simple thing D:/) so right now they only have alligator clips on them.

As you might be able to tell by the weird smaller one that looks more like a bunched up piece of yarn, I was trying to make a double star clip :P. I made another mint star and creme heart, and now I need to make some in creamsicle orange, baby pink, lavender, and baby blue. I didn't take any picture of the clips with the rhinestones and pearls I put on them.

Here are some pictures of buttons I wanted to share!~ You can buy all of these at Jo-Ann Fabrics!

And I finally found these!~

I was wondering if I would have to find them off Etsy, but found them at Jo Anns! If you want to find alot of craft supplies for fairy-kei items, I suggest going to the baby shower/party section of your local store and/or craft store! I find alot cool items there!

I went to LensCrafters a couple of weekends ago, and decided to go to the Dollar Tree near it while my mom got her glasses fitted. I went over to the baby shower/party section to see if there was anything I could use for crafts. Oh my goodness, I saw this stuff-

-and was so overjoyed! It wasn't just pink and blue things (like you usually see in baby shower sections) but yellow, mint, lavedner, and white things!~ I made a bracelet and a couple of pairs of earrings from these (no picture of the earrings though).

I also got these, and plan to try to make rings out of them (I'm really mad they don't sell ring bases @ most art stores).

I bought a plastic egg to keep the things in (but now just keep the bear picks and other craft things, since I bought a plastic organizer recently).

I bought these things at Hobby Lobby.

I made some phone charms out of the Dollar Tree things too! I plan to sell them on my Etsy as well.

Here are some things I forgot to post in my shopping update.

And to ends this post, I did rainbow eyeshadow a couple of weeks ago!~

Hope everyone is doing well! Not sure what my next post will be about (/.3.\)



  1. great tip to look in baby shower sections! i would have never thought of that. i love the phone charms you made, would you do a custom?

  2. @Jesse- Sure! Since my Etsy shop isn't open yet, I'll probably just ask for your address when it's done. The colors I have are pink, yellow, mint, baby blue, lavender, and white.

  3. Oh, also , I have a PayPal, so you can pay that way :P!!(felt it was important to mention)

  4. how much are you charging for one cellphone dangly thing? :D

  5. $3.50 . The supplies were generally cheap and 'labor' didn't take that long :P

  6. will you make me one with blue, purple, and green? i can send you my address on email.

  7. Sure, tell which thing you want in what color though (like, a blue safety pin, or a blue rocking horse?)

    My e-mail is!~

  8. Amazing post ! I'm actually jealous of all the pastel you can find in baby shower sections. Since baby shower doesn't exist in France, it's very hard to find this stuff (I only see one pack of "favorite finding" that you post but it was expensive). I just bought a few pastel diaper pin on etsy~
    I'll keep an eye on your etsy anyway !

  9. I didn't know baby showers weren't done in France. I guess in some countries they think it's better just to give a gift than to throw a party :P. Etsy is great for getting supplies you can't find, and I hope I can get some things on my Etsy soon!~