March 26, 2011

SCAD trip!~

Hello!! I've talked about my school's trip to SCAD in about 2 or 3 post, and it happened in late January, so I figured now was the time to post!

I'll post what happened by days.

Friday -
I woke up at around 5:30 a.m. since the bus was planning to go at around 6:20 - 6:30 a.m. I get there and end up being pretty early. I'm a worry wart and was worried the bus was going to leave without me. The only other people there when I arrived were my principal (I go to a small private school, so he went with us as a chaperone and also as a bus driver) and his granddaughter (who is also a student there). Everyone else arrives and Jeff (the guy I talked about in my Momocon post) is the only guy besides my principal on the trip :P! We get on the road and stop at a Waffle House for breakfast. We drive and take a few stops here and there for the bathroom. We finally get to Savannah and stop at a Pizza place for lunch.

The pizza place had a really good deal ( $2.50 for two slices and a medium drink), but I realized that was probably because of the fact there were only 2 employees working in the front and back. We ate then arrived at a SCAD lobby. I'm not sure what buiding exactly. It was near some of the freshman and/or sophmore dorms, which actually use to be old hotel rooms. They renovated them to use as dorms so the building wouldn't be torn down. We waited for our tour guide and one of my classmates wanted to snap a picture of my with my camera.

Our tourguide arrives and we take a 'school' bus to several of the SCAD buildings. A cool thing we learned is you can basically use SCAD buses as a form of transportation (like you would use a public bus) as long as you have your SCAD card on you. Alot of the students also ride bikes, since it's kinda a hassle to live in 'downtown' Savannah and own a car, since parking cost alot. When driving by one of the dorms, the bike racks were so full, some students put there bikes on trees :P.

I can't re-call exactly what building we were in when I took a picture of this really cool sculpture.

In the same building we filled out newsletter forms and like I do on most not-too-important things, I drew on it. The lady who picked it up actually liked it.

We headed over to the animation building ,I believe, last. They had T.V.s set up showing different types of animation and I really liked the traditional animation one. The T.V.s had montage-esque 'movies' which showcased the different animations.

That was our tour guide. We got back on our bus and headed up to (Harbor?) Island where we were staying.

Saturday -

I woke up while most everyone else was on the beach. I didn't care to go since it was still January and cold beaches aren't my favorite thing. We ended up going to the island's nature center and walking on the trail near it. This was for an 'educational' part of the trip, which was sciene/biology, since the biology/science teacher was the other chaperone.

Pictures from the nature center

We went on to the trail were my teacher pointed out alot of the plant and wildlife.

Can't remember the name of this, but I know it's a mix of fungi and algae.

Her showing us some kind of sea pickle you can eat

Really good picture of holly I took

Moldy animal poop, delicious...

Racoon tracks in sand

Broken part of so palm tree mold

We went back to the condo we were staying at and watched the ending of 'Coming to America' :P. We then headed over for our 'fancy' meal (a seafood place) where I tried crab for the first time (so good)!

Sunday -

We packed up and headed back to Savannah for a trolley tour. So, the rest of the Savannah pictures are of that and other things seen while taking the tour.

Cute couple that had matching shirts (don't think it was intentional, still cute!)

Girl Scouts (so cute!!!-i'm a creeper-)

Really pretty Catholic church! I think the tour guide told us it was considered one of the prettiest in the U.S.

Tree that's about 113-115 years old

Ah, I caught this cute couple's kiss on camera! So adorable! Like I said, creeper....

Really cool seal waterspouts. The tourguide said dolphins, but they look more like otter/fish or some kind of hybrid mix to me.

Finally! I got this post done!! My next post will probably be about crafts or whatever I feel like :P! Hope everyone is doing well!!!~


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