March 04, 2011

Sorry! + Giveaways

Sorry, I haven't been posting on here for awhile. I really need to either find the DELL mini my family has or get a USB cord for my Nikon. That's why I haven't posted, mostly because I can't get the pictures I want to use on a computer (yet). Hopefully, I can make a personal post soon, but for this post I'm promoting to giveaways!~

The first is by Caylee of the blog Like candy floss
She will be giving away-
10 set of lashes
Sticker flakes
Cinnamoroll Screen-cleaner
Set of bunny clips
Memo sheets
Purple sparkle heart polish
Hamster gashapon
Liole Pore Rich Balm sample
Blue bear lead pencil

The second is by Mana of the blog Star Princess
She will be giving away-
Rilakkuma Diary/Notebook
2 pair of lashes
1 eyeshadow pallette
1 pink lipgloss
1 Hello Kitty heart mirror
1 Bunny Rabbit pouch
1 yellow teddy bear phone charm
1 My Melody puff sticker
1 Hello Kitty CUTIE sticker

Please follow these girls and read their blogs for a chance to win these awesome giveaways!~

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  1. Hi :) Thank you! I got you down for your post ^_^