April 01, 2011

Favorites Friday 2!~

Hello! This is a second installment of 'Favorites Friday'!! Hope you like!~ (Again, all from my Tumblr, if you want a picture that belongs to you taken down or credited, please say so!!!)


What I wore today★ I tried combining some styles~

 Ahhhh, you’re too cute! I wish I could do neat eye makeup like you <3!~


Alfred you are the best by ~retrouvailles
Bruce’s upset little frown (“that’s just how his face looks”)
Cass being expressive through the mask!
Bab’s big blue eyes
Steph’s super excited pose, look at that leg pop!
Jason’s smirk
Dick as the keystone (in the metaphorical and not true architectural sense!)
yes, Tim is almost kind of smiling too
Damian being like a tiny but terrible kitten, waving his little arms and showing his little teeth


Starry Night Theater bodice

I want all these socks @u@


春 風 by mojihara


I think this is us when we see something cool, cheap and are dedicated to get it at all costs, even though the end result enced up costing us a lot more…

Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday!~ I start Sping Break next week (but have to go to my school Sat. and Mon. to do makeup work) and I'm not sure what my family plans to do. Hope it's something fun!~


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