April 08, 2011

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Hello That title rhymes  This time my favorites will be from both of my Tumblrs. When I copy the pictures to here the link is usually still there, but if you want credit, please tell me4587_d.gif image by 101_ways_to_cry


It’s like the fourth of July on my screen.


Pika Surf


My mascot in chibi form :3 You cannot use this image on your blog! 



YUM YUM~ WATCHES! Such cute colors and bands, it really inspires me!


gold fish by しらこむぎ


Rocky Horror

And now, I would like to apologize for having two Favorites Friday in a row!!! I, once again, cannot find the mini DELL and I really need to get an SD card reader! I lost the USB to my Nikon quite some time ago, and now really get miffed at myself for it! But, here are some up-coming post!~

Tutorial on how to make a 2-way clip

Shopping update

Fashion Inspiration: Barbie in the 80s

My Spring break trip to Dahlonega

I am about to leave for my trip to Dahlonega, and I hope everyone is having an awesome Spring break if on it!~

Oh, oh! Here are some graphics I made! Feel free to use them, just please don't credit as your own!~

(also, do you like my new siggy?)

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