April 21, 2011

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I thought that title was better than 'shopping update'. I feel like someone who reads my blog (or someone who meets/knows me and ask me what I did over the weekend) thinks I'm rich . I recently went shopping at Target and realized how I rarely buy new, not on sale clothes. I think that's a good thing about me. The only expensive things I think I buy (or, my parents, I don't have a job, YET) are MAYBE a dress once a year (don't wear them too much) and sometimes shoes. I go thrifting alot because I like older clothes over recent fashion. Anyway, sorry, being paranoid!

  Well, I can finally do this post because I FINALLY got an SD card reader!!!!! So happy ! So, let's get this post a-goin'!~

My dad got me some stuff for my birthday a couple weeks back, this was one thing. I wanted this backpack when I first saw it, but it was $20. Then a few months later, I found it on clearance for $15 off!

Bookmark, Genkaku Picasso Vol.1, Pretty Little Liars - Unbelievable
I read Genkaku Picasso in one sitting while visiting my family in GA for Thanksgiving. The bookstore in there town has no tables or seats. That's how much I liked this manga. It's also because it's by the guy who made the manga version of Suicide Circle. I like the Pretty Little Liars series, but I recently lost this book ;_;.

Cute socks I got for 2 bucks at Jo-Ann's Fabric 4403_d.gif image by 101_ways_to_cry!~

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie & cute little Easter notebook for my purse

Cute elephant trashbin, for when I do get a craft table I recently got, in my room

Other pictures of Pinkie

Rabbit ears and barrette bought in dollar section at Target

Really pretty bracelet


Some of those new clothes I was talking about. But I forgot that blue striped shirt was on sale. I really like this cardigan since it is mint-ish (the tag said something like 'aqua heather')

Cute bunny & glowstick earrings

Really tacky (but cute) barrette, I don't like that there is a tomato on it though, I know they're technically fruits but.....

Box semi-similar to the one I bought back in Jan., not sure what to put in it ...

Baby blue with white polka-dots shirt, to be used as under thing mostly

Lavender cropped jacket-esque shirt thing ( I really need to learn clothing terms )

Another really 90s windbreaker
When I was taking this off the rack at Goodwill, my little sister said
'Really, Sasha?'

Finally got something that has white polka-dots on black, a fairy-kei staple

I think someone must have dropped alot of 1980s early 1990s toys off, because I saw alot cuter toys at this Goodwill
This is from toy series called 'Floppy Dogs'
There was a pink one I saw too

Puppy Surprise plush
I assume that's the name because of the small pouch in it's stomach

Old Strawberry Shortcake doll
I also got an old Care Bear (Tenderheart) but I didn't know where it was while taking pictures

Cute pink poodle plush/purse
I tried using it but the zipper is slightly stuck
Hope I can fix that somehow

  I plan on my next post being about my trip to the Lady Gaga concert! My mom bought me two tickets for my birthday (over a month ago, just wasn't interesting enough for me to feel like posting about) and I went with a friend from school. It was amazing! So, I need to get those pictures on my compy!!!! I am also writing an 'article' on 'Dark Gyarus' (Yamanbas, Manbas, Ganguros, Kogals, etc.) and hope to get it done soon!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Love the "really sacha ?" "YES REALLY" because it happen to me when I shop with friends XD

  2. @mnon Yeah, my younger sister doesn't really like my taste in fashion, and I think my twin sister just understands me better :P!~

  3. Puppy Surprise came with either 3, 4 or 5 puppies in it's belly. It was the surprise! :D

  4. @msgothiclolita

    Oh, I didn't know that! I thought maybe you put the 'surprise' in it! That's also a little weird XP!~