May 10, 2011

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Hello readers!!! I recently ordered a wig from MintyMix and it arrived yesterday ! I was so so happy since this is my first nice wig! I do own a semi-nice wig from the local shop Junkman's Daughter, but it's not as soft and shiny as this one! Oh no, I am describing it before I post pictures, first, here is the site's picture of the the wig.

(via MintyMix)

I am very new to reviewing things, so sorry if this doesn't sound too 'professional'. I ordered from the MintyMix site last Thursday and it arrived here yesterday (which was a Monday). The shipping was listed as the same price whether it was priority or not, which I found a little odd. But I chose priority since it was priced the same as regular. The package got here super quick, and I wouldn't have been surprised if it had gotten here quicker, but since the mail doesn't come on Sunday... the wig was shipped from Alabama, and I live in Georgia, so that's mostly likely the reason it got here quick (and because of the priority shipping )

  Here's what the wig parts looked like packaged-

Main hair part (or the wig itself)

 Kammie (the owner of the shop) also sent a wig cap with it ! I thought that was super cool because I had no clue where the 3 or 4 caps I own were.

  She also sent along a cute sticker of the logo and Minnie Mouse keychain with the package!

  Here is the wig out of the box. I basically had to use my hand and arm to 'model' it, because I don't own a mannequin head (need to get one!!!).

 Now here I am with it on (sorry, these photos will be kinda bad quality)!

  Here's a picture of one of the clip-in pigtails.

  It was surprisingly longer than I thought it would be. I ordered the 'wavy' wig, but this came out very curly. I did notice later on that the curls 'faded' when I had the clip-ins on for awhile.

  This lavender color reminds me of Creamy Mami (which I believe was an 80s anime) and 80s side ponytails. It looks like I'm some knockoff magical girl from the 80s !

  Now here is the wig with both clip-ins!

  I realized I'll probably need to trim the bangs myself since they get in my eyes.

  See? These are the bangs without me parting them.

  'Nother camwhore shot, blocked out my twin's face.

Now here are some shots with the clips on the opposite side (or, the 'wrong' side)

  Here's the clip with some 2-way clips and a bow in it!~

(handmade, Pop Lolita, bought @ AWA)

  And a closeup of the adorable Minnie Mouse keychain!

Okay, I guess is the part where I rate. Here we go!

Ordering/Shipping - 5/5
Quality - 5/5
Overall Satisfactoin - 5/5

 I really love this wig! I wanted it for fairy kei (I'm not into any kind of Lolita fashion), since I have dyed my hair so much I didn't want to dye it again! So now I can have pink and purple hair without damaging my own!

Hope everyone is doing well, trying to finish my tutorial photos and get the Dark Gyarus article completed!


  1. how thick would you say the mintymix wigs are. like how much do you think yours weighs? if you dont know thats ok, im just overall curious whether its a lot of hair or not

  2. @AnickH - If it was a scale from thin to very thick I would say it was in between. It's not too thick or too thin!