May 08, 2011

PhotobucketNails & Very Small Shopping UpdatePhotobucket

Hello I mostly wanted to share one thing for the shopping update part of this post, but let's get the two other things posted first

Very cute Minnie & Mickey shirt

And some pinstripe capris
I really wanna find a way to tuck these in thought (so they're not so wide on my legs)

 Most of all this is what I wanted to share!!!

I'm not sure what I want to do with these things yet
I know I'll probably use the bags for sending things I sell on my Etsy to people (if I ever open the shop and if someone ever buys!)
But I don't know what to do with the hats and 'blowers' XD

Here is some more nail art!

This I peeled off AHHH

But this design I have actually have had on for almost a week
Mostly because I like it

So to end this post here is a camwhore shot (I thought I looked pretty last Friday :D)

  and just a picture I liked that I took :P

It's of a necklace I bought at Claires awhile back


  1. Most MLP fans would be pretty upset you opened a mint in pack in item ^^;; Maybe it's best to sell it to a collector and then buy an open pack of bags or trade. ^^
    Nice, find though!

  2. @Sora I found this for a dollar though, so I most likely won't sell it. They had more than one package of these but I didn't want to buy all of them in case someone else wanted one. But maybe I'll go bac and get them to sell to a collector since I expect they're a tad hard to find. IDK XD!!~