May 30, 2011

PhotobucketQuick Update!!~Photobucket

Even though I made a favorites Friday, I feel as if I should update. I'm really really really trying to get the Dark Gyarus post finished! I know I keep saying that, so sorry to the people who have possibly been waiting for it! I recently got the laptop I use back, which is great since the PC I use has a monitor that goes white ALL THE TIME. I also finally broke down and got Mozilla Firefox since the Internet Explorer on this laptop was having a hard time showing the images on websites. I will miss you dear Internet Explorer, it was a fun ride, but you didn't want to cooperate.

I really want to plan a meetup for Japanese fashion people and fans around the Atlanta area! I have never planned any kind of event ever, so I need to think this out a little. I read about girls meeting up and realize, well, if I want to meet these girls (people I guess I should say, since only most are girls), I should do something about it and plan a meetup myself! Hopefully it can be in the summer while everyone is out of school!~

I really need to learn some basic sewing techniques so I can start making some clothes! I tried printing out bloomer patterns a couple of weeks ago, but my printer did not want to cooperate and I was left miffed at it and not wanting to try again. I have a feeling I should probably just go to Jo-Ann's and get some pattern books there!~ I have recently been wanting to do more crafting, and since the table I got to do said crafting on is in my room, I first need to organize my supplies, then get to crafting!!

I don't have much planned for summer besides a couple of camps. I want to get a summer job, but since the camps are two weeks in a row, I doubt an employer would let a part-time teen take two weeks off. I might possibly go to Tybee Island, and maybe the LOVELY Cincinatti (no offense if you're from there, I just highly dislike it) Ohio. I have a doctor in Ohio who I haven't had a checkup with for five years, and need to discuss some things with him, so hopefully the trip will be made!!

That's about all I can think of to share right now! Planning to finish the article since I have a lot of time now! Hope everyone is doing lovely!


  1. A meetup like that would be really fun! I know theres a lolita and gyarusa here, but I dont know if atlantas populated with any other fashion groups, so it would be fun to all get together and have fun!

  2. @serepuff - Yeah, I really wanted to meet people who aren't just into Lolita or Gyaru fashion (not the there's anything wrong with those :P!), so hopefully I can get this thing planned soon!~~