May 04, 2011

PhotobucketSmall Shopping Update + an outfit & nail artPhotobucket

Hello~ I recently went thrifting and would like to share my finds!~ Some of the things are from other stores though :P!~

Beauty Pop Vol. 5 & Otomen Vol. 3

My favortie panel from each volume of each manga

Scott Pilgrim keychain

Some baby bedding I plan to use for bloomers
I used it as a backdrop for this shopping update since I didn't feel like fishing out my Minnie Mouse baby bedding

Some closeups

Some really awesome sneakers!~~
They're originally from Rue 21, so maybe you can still find them there on sale

Cropped jacket for my more 'indie' style
I really like this except it has shoulder pads D:/
They're not very visible, they just feel weird

Cute lavender Nike graphic t-shirt

Cute leggings
I felt like putting these back when I first saw them, but my inner fashion spirit said "no, Sasha, you'll use them in a good way"
So I decided to get them
I really like the colors used on the graphics

Cute Korean coinbank
I have a bootleg My Little Pony coinbank thing, but I'll probably just use it as a decoration since this will hold more money
I thought this was old Sanrio when I first saw it, but Korean is on the bottom and there is no Sanrio or San-X logo

My mom told me I have enough plushies in bags, so I decided not to get alot (or any) this time around
I couldn't resist this little guy though
I think he's suppose to light up but the wires must be broken
I replaced the battery and pressed the inside bar, but nothing :(

  Now, here is an outfit!~

Hairclips & Accessories  - Dollar stores and Handmade
Earring - Betsey Johnson
Jewelry - Cute Can Kill, Thrifted, Claires
Shirt - Thrifted
Petticoat - Bodyline
Tights - We Love Colors
Shoes - Thrifted

  I wore this to go see animation shorts at the Atlanta Film Festival. It was pretty fun, but we couldn't see the last short since something was wrong with the program it was on (by 'we' I mean me and my twin sister).

  And here is some nail art!

This was Easter themed nail art, but I peeled it off the next day

This I also peeled off but most of it came off in the shower
I need to find a way for my nails to hold nail polish better

Hope everyone is doing well! I really need to get my Lady Gaga and Dark Gyarus articles done!!~

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