May 20, 2011

WubLuv Shopping Update and an Outfit!

Hello hello hello! I will start out this post by saying I will probably not do a favorites Friday today, since I am seeing a drag(queen) show with my dad tomorrow night !

 Really cute Harajuku Lovers necklace my little sister found for me at Plato's Closet!

Shiny, puffy pants
I feel like I might wear these if I ever wear Manba out in public (but not at a con)
They kinda remind me of the baggy pants from PMA
Atleast the shape

Cute Snoopy tank top
I think it's a sleep shirt, but...

Cute bunny sticker things, not sure what to use them one
And some knockoff Barbie invitations, will probably use when I open my Etsy shop

I really, really like this shirt
Because of the color and the polka dots !

Awesome sweater for when Fall and Winter come back around
I was debating on whether or not to get this
But my twin sister said I should just go ahead

I like this shirt because of the color
and I have actually been to Colorado
So this is not hipster or ironic at all

Awesome pants I got!

Some really cool boots!!!

Jean vest and a kids Barbie sleepshirt
I don't know if I want to put the graphic part on the back of the vest or not

And a WubLuv (I believe that's what they're called)!
It didn't come with it's egg but still had the batteries
That I had to take out
Because it wouldn't shut up
This thing is worse than a Furby because it WON'T GO TO SLEEP

and now for an outfit!

Shirt, shorts, shoes - Thrifted
Tights - We Love Colors
Earrings, Ring - Cute Can Kill
2 ways clips, bracelet - Handmade

  Hope everyone is doing well!

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