June 28, 2011

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I'm actually still here, but, I doubt I will do another post about it. I'm here seeing my doctor who did surgery on me when I was a baby, since I haven't seen him in over 3 years, and it was time for a checkup. I only have a few pictures to share, but I like them, and a nail polish review. So here it is.

Upon arriving, my mom, me, and my sister saw a Big Boys. I've never been to one, they don't have them in the south.

You can see my sketches on the back of a menu >^<

Big Boy himself!

  We went to Walgreens the other night, and I got these super cute stickers! They have "water", glitter, beads, and little floaty picture themes in them!

 They're only $2 a pack! They come with 8 stickers. 

  I also got some nail polish since I've been looking for some pastel colors. I found a cute pink and yellow! 

Sinful Colors in "Easy Going"

 Sinful Colors in "Unicorn"
It came with a cute free ring!
  They were only $2 a dollar, and I'm glad I browsed more since I was gonna pay $7 for an Essie bottle of light pink. The colors go on pretty well, and don't chip, though I haven't been very active with my hands this week. I don't have an over coat, so the texture is a little odd after awhile without, but it's only a little matte. Now I only need a baby blue color and a coral/peach color!

 You can't really see the marks, but my left hand is a little sore since they had trouble finding a place for an I.V.

  I hope everyone is doing okay and having a good summer! 

I need to make a banner for this blog ._.'


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