June 10, 2011

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So, I figured since I recently started making a tag on my Tumblr under 'inspiration' I would share some of the photos with you. They're photos of fashion (mostly) that make me think "Wow, how cool", "So pretty!" or simply "Cute!~". I decided to share the ones I find the most inspirational that have been posted within the last month. I'll be doing this every second Friday of the month!~

The colors! The wig! The eyelashes!
This is so colorful and out there, I love it!!!

I love her long, lanky legs with those socks!
Platform sneakers are amazing!
The lovely Miss Lady Gaga!
While this is something I personally would never wear in public, I love it with her blue hair!
I also love the hell out of anything black and studded!

I've recently been designing characters for a possible webcomic I might do, and one of the girls wears Kogal fashion
This makes me want to work on her design more!

This couple is so freaking adorable!
I love that she's this cute, dainty lolita and he's this tough punk rocker!
True love conquers all!

I just really love the colors and layers of this look!
I feel it could technically go into a decora category, but not DEFINETLY

First post to ever go under the 'inspiration' tag!
I love this girl's cute, colorful, raver-esque style!
She has her own Tumblr, please visit it here!~

  I hope you enjoyed this post! A regular 'Favorites Friday' will be posted next week!

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