July 11, 2011

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I got some awesome things in Cinci! And since I head out for camp tomorrow, I decided to do one more post before it!

I also deco-ed my phones and sort of deco-ed my nails, so I wanted to share that too!

I got some deco supplies from the deco supply store Full Moon~ I thought that they would never show up since it had been three weeks, but she said it would take it only one to two weeks! Luckily they did show up, just as described!

Rhinestones in Yellow, Hot Pink, and Blue

Plastic parts along with rhinestones and present she sent (which was mostly nail deco things)

Close up of plastic parts along with the present

My favorite plastic part, I got two of these cute little giraffes!
Wanted some in light blue and pink but they were sold out 

My phone had hair on it after taking the stickers I had on it off

I had to clean it off with water! I would have preferred to have a different colored case, but I got the phone as a hand me down from my younger sister
She had a zebra case, but,...I don't like zebra print

Tweezers I used to to place rhinestones on
I used super glue to make them stick, by the way

The case with only the plastic parts on
 I freaking love those giraffes

Half way there!

The complete product

The phone, along with my nails

Close up of my nails

Shopping Update

  I went to the mall and did a bit of thrifting while in Cincinatti.

  Here are the things I got at the mall!

A set of rings I got from Claires
I've been wearing the poodle rings everyday
The ring bases are just painted silver though, they're made of copper and one turned part of my finger blue

A really cute set of music note stud earrings

A Glee button
It was on sale for a dollar, and what can I say
I'm a gleek

I've gotten glitter like this from Claire's before
But I don't know where it went, and this had more colors

Another set of heart sunglasses
They were only 6 bucks!
I haven't found any that are really close to the Lolita shades from the movies though

These cute clip-in Hello Kitty ears

Some candles that smell so good and incense too
Got it in an Indian-esque store
One of those places that sells hookahs too

Cracker Barrel things I got

This cute little wand
Excuse my derpy face

Bootleg MLP-type thing

Another candle
I had this scent as a burner thing
But, it melted
So I was happy I found this

This awesome backpack!
They were selling things to embroider at the hospital, and I saw this
I didn't get it embroidered since I plan to decorate it

I went thrifting after the mall and found some cool things

These awesome toys!

Another Pet Surprise toy
This time a cat!
I didn't check her stomach to see if she had the kittens with her

This cute Pegasus toy
I thought maybe it was Barbie or something, but I couldn't find a tag or watermarked item anywhere

This slightly skanky My Little Pony
Don't know what her name is

This cool shirt


Look at this thing!
I love it~

I also got this cute necklace!

A close-up of the graphic

A cute Little Twin Stars figure I got

I got this figure and the LTS from Junkman's Daughter
They always sell the cutest knick knacks!

The other pair I got I mentioned in another post
I got these at Psycho Sisters
They were a little pricey though

Some cute stickers~
I used to be slightly obsessed with Monokuro Boo in the 9th grade
The second sheet had some missing because that's what I put on my phone and my sisters and younger sister's friends took some (I let them)

Little velvet poodle thing I got
Another dollar thing :D

  This post is really late and I need to go to sleep! Hope everyone is doing well!!!


  1. The MLP's name is just Bride :)

  2. I love your phone! I also have the same magic wand as you :D! I love how it glows in the dark haha *v*! So much love for that T-shirt and lts figure *u*

  3. I love those giraffes to! And all those toys are awesome! Dunno what that figure is under twin stars figure is tho... And hello kitty ears!!! Wish was claires in australia

  4. @Sora - Thanks for letting me know, I was hoping you would (you being a huge MLP fan)!~

    @serepuff - Thanks so much!!!

    @Malice - The figure under the LTS one is just a series called 'Candy Shop', can't remember what company releases/released them.

  5. Nice haul. I love the deco-ed case. :) You did a nice job on it. Regarding those glitters, I have similar containers that you had put the glitters in that I use for my deco stuff. Pretty cool!