July 08, 2011

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Time for another inspirational fashion photos post!!!

I love this girl's hair buns and blue contact lenses!
Her expression is also so cute!!
I think her outfit might be more cult-party kei, which I just recently learned about.
I really like this image for some reason
Probably because tights and bruises remind me of when I was a little girl
I also like lace and bows
This looks very 90s, which is one reason I like it
I also like her hair
I really like cheesy and/or grungy 90s fashion
This kinda looks like a guy rocking Spank!/fairy kei fashion
His hair mostly makes me think that :P
Could just be goth/punk
This is just a fuzzy screenshot of a telephone on a platter, but...
I like how the hot pink looks against the bright blue of the pool water
And how 80s/early 90s it looks :D
This is a photo of a model (I'm sorry, I'm sure someone who reads this might know her name) wearing the new Angelic Pretty print Dreamy Sky!
I like the pink against blue
I also like the new moon jewelry Angelic Pretty has realeased!

This outfit is so simple yet so cute!
One thing I like with fairy kei or fairy kei-esque coordinates is when the color lavender is paired with a mostly black outfit
Her pigtails are also adorable!!
Ahhh I love this so much!
The wigs!
The green hair bow!
The girl using a rainbow slinkie as a bracelet!
Another pigtails photo!
I love her red lips and cherry earring!
Such a simple outfit with plain colors! So fashionable though!
Not sure if that's one of those Nile Perch earrings
Another Lady Gaga photo
Love the studs, black, and red lips
And the last photo for this month!
I love this girl's hair!
So adorable!!!
I hope everyone is doing well! I will have camp Mon. - Fri. than another one Sun. - Fri. so I am not sure how often I will be able to check other blogs.


  1. Love the last pic, i love blonde and pink streaks