July 24, 2011

Jem Makeup

Inspired by a post made by serepuff, I decided I wanted to do most of the Jem's female character's makeup. I only had my cheap Claires eyeshadow palette to use.

  I used some other things from my makeup bag too. I think all the other things I used was a CoverGirl lip stain in some kind of berry named color, a red lipstick, and Dior mascara. I own expensive mascara because my sister didn't like it.

  I like this picture for some reason. I finally bought a mirror with a stand. I have broken all the other ones, so I have to be super careful with this one, since my mom was somewhat reluctant on buying it.

  The first character is of course, Jem!

  You can't really see the pink in the pictures I took. I don't have a bright pink lipstick, so I put the pink eyeshadow on my lips and gloss over it. I did this with most of the makeup. I realizes Jem usually wears purple eyeshadow, but most people seem to remember her with all her pink-ness. Also, I mostly looked at Hasbro promotional pictures for the dolls for reference.

  I didn't do Kimber because her makeup is very similar to Jem's.

  Next is Aja! I think I did it backwards, but ahhh.

 Now Shana! You can't really see the pink shapes on the cheeks. I'm sure if I was dark skinned like Shana they would.

  I didn't do Raya either, because her makeup is also very similar to Kimber's and Jem's.

  So now The Misfits!

  Pizzazz and the other band members have much more out there makeup then the Hologram girls. The Holograms girls have makeup the goes to the contours of their face 'parts', as to where the Misfits just have odd shapes and some what complimentary colors.

  So here is Pizzazz. I wasn't sure whether to use purple or an indigo color I had, but I decided her eyebrow and cheek shapes look more purple.

  Next is my fav, Roxy! I've only seen a few episode of this series, but I really like Roxy for some reason. I like how she's not as 'hard' as Pizzazz or Jetta, but she also isn't as 'soft' as Stormer. I'm considering cosplaying as her for AWA, but I'm not sure...

Ugh, so much acne! I didn't considering putting on coverup first. Mostly because I don't own any...

  Stormer! I didn't do her orange eyeliner.

  Jetta, whose makeup is probably the most ridiculous and odd out of all the female characters. She has a huge arrow type thing going across her forehead. I don't have a light blue eyeshadow in the palette, so I had to use the turquoise color.

  I did to Vivian 'Video' Montgomery, but it got in my camera's internal memory and not on the SD card. Need to get it moved somehow.

  But here is Clash, her cousin. My favorite in terms of how good it looks (at least to me). Probably because I used mascara and lipstick.

  And I tried Minx, but...

  and for a little shopping, here is a cute shell bracelet/necklace set I bought while in San Diego for camp.

  Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Oh so cool!! :D Thank you for linking to me! ;v;! Also, a good thing to do for the colors to stick out more would be to combine the color with water ;v;! it makes it a lot brighter! Also I would love to see you as Roxy for AWA *u*!!

  2. @serepuff - No problem and thanks!