August 20, 2011

Inspirational Photos - August 2011

None of these photos belong to me! If you want credit let me know! From my Tumblr.

Another picture of someone with colored hair, but mostly black on
I love the spiked collar and little buns in her hair

I love really Christian/Church-like outfits
For some reason it also reminds me of sexual things
I have no idea why, I'm odd in my associations

I've seen this cutie all around Tumblr, but I don't know who she is
I love he striped shirt and brooch
Also the silly bands :P!

I just really like the edit of this picture

I just really love her hair and eyes!

I've also seen this beautiful girl around Tumblr
I think I own a cardigan like that

I love this girl's ensemble
Her moon hair clip and eyelashes, so cute!

This just inspires me to make a shirt like this :)!~
Pretty sure it's Spank!

I love this girl's hair!!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!
I love the dress, leggings, and animal print Docs!
She's so adorable!

More purple hair!
I love the black lips!

The 3rd picture in this post of someone wearing a spiked collar :P
I just like all the black!

An ad from the 60s
I love the girl's skin tone against the red and blue

I love this girl's hair and sweater!
So cheesy and 80s kid :P!~

I just love everything about this!!!!
Her nails, the rings, the bracelets!!

I just really like, again, all the black!
I like the keychain bone-thing

I love this girl's hair, the beret, the cute little pin (it looks like it might be a shrinky dink), and the beret :)

The bones earrings and dress, and the British flag cross necklace :)

I love the pink/turquoise/blue combination of this outfit

I love everything about this!
Mostly her red lips and cute haircut

I just think this is so cool!!!

I just really like this!
You can get this shirt and others like it from the Nikki Lipstick website

I remember this video, ahh!
Miss Gwen Stefani in her 'Sweet Escape' video
I don't know why this video didn't get more popular, the song wasn't that good but the video was cool

I just think these girls are so cute, it's almost like they're in classic or goth loli :3

So colorful and cute!
I'm not really sure what style this is, not really decora :/

  Hope you enjoyed :)!~

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