August 10, 2011


Sorry I haven't been posting, but the only thing I have planned is a small shopping update!

  I have recently been trying to organize (going through basement bins, need to go through crap in my room) and it's stressing me out so I keep stopping once I've spent more than an hour TRYING to do it. But, I need to do it, so I gotta motivate myself.

  I also need to make a banner for this website, and possibly change the design around a little more!

  I feel like I may be selling some things soon, if I feel I can, and it may be mostly manga stuff. The economy is so bad and I want to try to make some of my own money.


  1. Good luck! :) I can fully understanding putting off cleaning.

  2. Good luck! Cleaning is seriously the worst D:

    Also, trying to get in contact with you! (added you on LJ but your msgs are off) ):

  3. @Lavenrose - Thanks!

    @Caylee - Thank you! I changed the settings so you should be able to now. If not, just shoot me an e-mail :3!~