September 23, 2011

Shopping Update, Deco, and Fernbank

Finally, a legitimate blog post! It may be a little scrambled but that's from me not blogging for SO SO SO long.

I'll share what I bought first, since I wanna save the 'fun' stuff for last!

I found a freaking Popple at a flea market! It's one of the 2001 designs and it's so freaking cute! It was a really lucky find!

At the flea market I got a few more things, these cute doll pens being one of them.

I got this 80s-early 90s-ish Barbie doll so I can make one of those doll head brooches.

I got this cute panda mug, but I need to wash it :P

I finally got a peachy/creamsicle nail polish. It was a little pricey (to me) for nail polish, but it drives super fast and stays on pretty well.
It's Revlon Top Speed in Peachy
I bought it at Walgreens

The rest of the things I have to show were bought at the Dollar Tree. I found some new baby shower things they had.

I finally found a different color of these instead of just blue and pink.

And some big safety pins

I got these cute Belle and My Melody PEZ dispensers

I found these cool link things in the party favor section. The funny thing is, I saw them selling almost the same thing in the girl's toy section, but as a necklace/bracelet thing.

These cute hairclips

These cute, kiddy necklaces :P

  I deco-ed my small vanity mirror I got, but ran out half the way through, so I need to order so more supplies :I.

  Me and my sister, along with my mom, went to the Mythic Creatures exhibit at Fernbank Museum. We had wanted to go to it all summer but finally got around to doing it the last day it was there. These are the decent photos I got (since a lot of them are blurry).

  I got a couple of cute unicorn things from the gift shop!!

 A cool necklace and adorable puzzle eraser!!

  I tried to wear a fairy kei-ish outfit and only got a bottom shop of what it looked like.

  I put some 3D paint on a pair of jeans my mom had cut into shorts. I still need to finish decorating the waistband.

  I hope to start blogging more, but school and hobbies are keeping me busy. AWA is coming up and I don't think I'll have time to make a costume. So, I'll probably just dress in fairy kei. Hope everyone is doing okay!!


  1. The panda mug and the safety pins are so cute. I like what you did with the mirror so far. Very colourful.

    The Mythic Creatures exhibit sounds interesting. I do wonder why an Aipom was on the information sign though xD.

  2. God i wish i went to the flea markets near you as you always find incredible stuff!!! And those pastel baby shower things! Wow

  3. @Lavenrose - An aipom was on one of the information signs because it was comparing the pokemon to a mythical creature (which I cannot remember the name of). It was a monkey creature though.

    @Malice - I have actually only been to two flea markets (more of a thrifter), but I've been really lucky to find some good things. The pastel baby things are from the Dollar Tree though :)