October 02, 2011

AWA 2011

  Hey there! I made a small trip to AWA this year. My best friend was taking the SAT and a sorta friend didn't wanna pay the $30 to get in (it's understandable) so I went to it alone! I mostly just felt like doing something, so I got registered and headed to the Artist Alley. I got a few prints.

I can't remember who did the first one (I'll have to fetch her business card), but she was cool and let me have a free bookmark of Mars (like the one on the print).

The second one is by PigeonStar on dA. They're Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show as humans! I bought it for my twin as a gift since for the past several years she's given me money at cons to buy things :P.

The last two are by celesse on dA

   I walked around a little more and got some jewelry things. I can't remember the girl's name, but she was so sweet. She told me I looked cute and when I was awkward and mumbling she said in the sweetest way 'What?'. I'm use to people being a bit short when I'm quiet I think XD. Anyway, I got this cute icecream ring from her.

  AWA gave out swag bags this year that came with a shirt. I've seen Nico Nico Video's English site before, but I guess this was a way to promote it better.

  I like that it has all the cute little icons

     I got to Jesse and Mana's table. I was surprised Jesse recognized me and for some reason I found it weird he called me by my first name (I have no idea why, I have no nickname). I got a cute pin from him!!

  Oh! I haven't show what I was wearing yet.

     I had my bodyline petti on and pink We Love Colors tights and my black reeboks. I got the necklaces at a flea market and I think I've listed everything else on here at least once. I had both the pigtails on, but it made my wig lopsided, so I put one on. 

     They had the most delicious crepe stand there!!! I got a 'lunch' one that has cheese, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, vinaigrette, and onions. So yummy :D!

     I really wish there were a crepe place near me. I also got some stickers in the artist alley. Agh, I'm so disorganized at this right now.

They're Tsumugi from K-On! and Menma from Aoi Hana
I didn't realize until today that they look similar
     I went to the dealer's room where I didn't even buy any official anime merch. I went to MoogleGurl's booth and got her last Spock & Kirk print (I was super lucky :)) and a cute cloud ring.

     She has such a cute voice and is a sweetie! I was almost out of money so I headed outside, where it was friggin' FREEZING, and waited for my mom to come pick me up (things I need to do:get a permit). I saw Laffi and Jesse again and Laffi said hi. It was one of those cliche moments where I assumed someone was behind me, but the Laffi tells me she's talking to me. Jesse was so sweet and told me he really liked my outfit and took a picture. I took their pic too.

     We had a nice little chat and then I went home. Now for pics of cosplayers!!!

     Hope everyone is doing well!



  1. Omgsh! I'm so sad I didn't see you~~. I had no idea you were going!! ;n;

  2. @Caylee - Ahh you're so sweet! I'm pretty sure I saw you when I was in line for registration but I wasn't completely.

  3. :) Sounds like you had a fun (and yet costly) time. Love the Sailor Moon print. <3 It looks so fabulous!

  4. OH MY GOSH WHAT IS MY WIG DOING IN THIS PICTURE =A=;;;;;; and it looks like i have a beard with the lighting O_O
    hahaha it was awesome to see you! i thought you might be there so i was keeping an eye out the whole time. are you going to momocon this year? maybe we will hang out. ;v; btw, i made the pin you bought! <3

  5. @Lavenrose - I did! But I was surprised by how little I got and how much I spent D:!

    @Jesse - Boy, you look fine! It was good to see you too! I plan to go, so maybe we can hang :)! And thanks for letting me know.

  6. Ahh why am I just seeing this now haha xD It was so nice to see you though! I wish I could have hung out with you a bit more! :D!

  7. @serepuff - Haha, it's fine! I did too :)!!